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This blog is a forum to discuss how glass capillary tubes can solve various problems in the medical, industrial, or scientific settings. Most, if not all, of the posts here are written by our in-house experts in design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

If there is any particular topic or issue you want covered, please contact us. You can also participate in the discussion by commenting on published posts. We add new posts regularly, so check back often. Happy reading!

Cut to Length and 100% Flow Test of Microbore

Posted on 09-28-2015

Customer Challenge to Accu-Glass: Due to the variation in sizes of the ID for the flow restrictors, many customers buy their tubing in long lengths and cut each piece to varying lengths to obtain the exact fluid flow for their…
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Accu-Glass at MD&M East – NYC

Posted on 04-24-2015

Accu-Glass will be at  MD&M East Exposition & Conference in New York City, June 10 – 12, 2014.  MD&M is the world’s largest exposition for medical devices. This year’s MD&M East will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center…
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Glass Encapsulation of Small Metal Rods

Posted on 04-22-2015

Customer Challenge to Accu-Glass: For small metal rods and other small components, the exact size of glass to enclose them is normally not available from available standard glass sizes.  Plastic materials are not available in tight tolerances to fit components…
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Innovative Glass Tubing Production for Specialty Needs

Posted on 03-16-2014

Prototype and new product design are very common in most industries. However, with many materials and suppliers to choose from, finding the right manufacturer can be intimidating. But when it comes to precision glass tubing, the choice is easy –…
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Accu-Glass at MD&M West Expo

Posted on 12-15-2013

Like in past years, Accu-Glass will once again be at  MD&M West Exposition & Conference.  MD&M is the world’s largest exposition for medical devices. The 2014 MD&M will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California from February…
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Accu-Glass Works with You During Design AND Production

Posted on 10-15-2013

Accu-Glass specializes in working with existing customers to provide custom solutions that result in product improvements or enhanced designs. We accomplish this by building strong relationships with our customers to understand how our glass components are integrated into your final…
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Addressing Your Glass Tubing Needs Better

Posted on 08-26-2013

Accu-Glass (AG) has filled a unique service void in the precision glass tubing market for over 50 years. In addition to producing glass capillary tubes to your specifications, the proprietary glass forming technology allows us to efficiently produce orders ranging…
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Glass Tube Manufacturing and Operations at Accu-Glass

Posted on 08-25-2013

At Accu-Glass (AG), we recognize that the quality of our precision glass tubes is directly impacted by the expertise of the personnel involved in the production process. So, we are committed to ensuring that every manufacturing associate is trained and…
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