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COVID-19 Blood Sampling Capillary Tubes Available for Test Kit Developers

Accu-Glass leads the industry with over 50 years of blood sampling and test kit glass tube manufacturing.   Our glass capillary tubes and micro-pipettes are well-established presence in point-of-care, diagnostic test kits and laboratory evaluation serving hematology, urinalysis, cardiac markers, rapid testing and laboratory needs. Now, we are exceptionally prepared to provide our glass sampling tubes in support of COVID-19 test kits. Our products are naturally inert, clean, clear, strong and disposable. They meet the stringent needs of clinical test kits:
  • Precise volumetric measurement to collect specific volumes down to 1µL in full-fill or calibrated varieties
  • Coating with heparin or EDTA can be applied
  • Unique fluorescent marking can be provided to validate the authenticity of a tube or activate an instrument to begin a test
  • Use of USP type 1 & 3 glass for in vitro applications.
Our newest product offering is a 10 – 20 – 30 microliter blood collection capillary tube, specifically designed for clinical test kits. Given the current urgent need for rapid, and broad, COVID-19 testing, Accu-Glass is currently shipping product samples to any test kit manufacturer. Please request samples on the sample request page.  No shipping fee is required for COVID-19 related capillary tubes.  Or, contact us.

Marked tubes are available with both 10 and 20 microliter markings.
For marked tubes, touch on the sample and fill the to the desired line.   For full-fill pipettes, completely fill the tube