Precision Glass Capillary Tubes – Precision ID Tolerance to ± 0.0001″

Posted on July 31, 2018

 Accu-Glass Capillary Tubing

Accu-Glass manufacture precision diameter, thin-walled glass tubing.  By design, this produces capillary action, which is the movement of a liquid into a tube based on it’s surface tension.  These precision tubes are used in liquid measurement, transfer and sample collection applications.

  • Micropipettes are used to deliver predetermined volumes and dispense a known aliquot.
  • Micro blood collection tubes are used to draw a blood samples.

The measurement methods applied at Accu-Glass provide extremely tight tolerances. Additional advantages include:

  • Lower volume runs
  • short turnaround times
  • Identification striping

Soda Lime Glass

  • Pharmaceutical grade used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Conforms to USP, Type III and ASTM Type II
  • Wide range of uses including capillary, hematocrit, blood measurement, volumetric  and micropipette tubes
Glass Capillary Tubing – more information