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Your Custom Glass Solutions Provider and Manufacturer!
Since 1960, Accu-Glass has been exclusively dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing of precision glass tube products. Our numerous clients in the medical, laboratory, Point-of-Care, fiber optic and electronic component industries have come to rely upon Accu-Glass as a trusted resource. Commitment to quality, engineering and service is our strength.

Medical Diagnostics

Accu-Glass solves the flow control and liquid handling needs of medical device manufacturers around the world. We produce a wide range of precision glass tubing products that include capillary tubes for collecting and dispensing specific volumes of blood and other liquids, capillary flow restrictors / regulators for mobile infusion pumps and flush devices, ferrule tubing for diagnostic kits, and ampoules for urgent care applications. We are also a leading supplier of infrared-absorbing, hermetic-sealing glass for RFID transponders and electronic switches.

Because it is clean and inexpensive, glass is perfect for disposable medical devices and clinical lab, or custom applications. Unique to Accu-Glass is the capability of producing multiple geometric shapes (round, square, rectangular, oval etc.) on the inside or outside. Single and multiple bore configurations are also available.

Glass micro bore tubing can be custom-formed to meet your exact specifications. Accu-Glass can translate your concepts into precision glass tubing solutions.

medical diagnostics

Point of Care

Accu-Glass proudly produces the materials necessary for point-of-care (POC) tests. These diagnostic tests are performed outside of laboratories and have the potential to improve the management of various diseases and conditions, especially in resource-limited where access to quality and timely medical care is a challenge. These tests offer rapid results, allowing for timely care and increased customer satisfaction. Most importantly, POC devices can be simple enough to be used at the primary care level and in remote settings with no laboratory infrastructure.

Glass materials produced by Accu-Glass offer precision, reliability, and flexibility in manufacturing. Our proprietary glass forming process allows the fastest response in the industry.

test strip


Proprietary glass melting processes, customized glass manufacturing equipment, and advanced measurement systems allow Accu-Glass to meet customer requirements around the globe. We specialize in evaluating a customer’s concept, designing an engineered solution to produce prototypes, and producing finished components that can be integrated into the customer’s device.


Research and Development

The Accu-Glass sales and engineering team is ready to assist you in the design and development of your glass application. Our engineers will work with you to develop a new product or enhance an existing product. Let us show you the true benefits and performance results you can achieve with glass.

As a premier precision glass tubing manufacturer, flexibility is a hallmark of our business. Custom-designed systems are employed to provide the precise dimensional measurements for your requirements. Accu-Glass’ proprietary glass forming process allows the fastest response in the industry.


Fiber Optics

Cut to length precision glass fiber optic components are used in a number of fiber optical applications. Accu-Glass manufactures fiber optic ferrules, collimators, and various types of spacers for fiber optic component manufacturers.

fiber cables


Glass tubes are used in numerous electronic applications where discrete electronic components must be protected, isolated from the environment, or sealed. Some applications include reed switch bodies, fuse bodies, diode glass sleeve packages, lamps, transponders, flat panel displays and thermistors. The function of the glass varies by application; however, it is used many times to electrically insulate and passivate components, or as a hermetic seal.

Glass is an ideal material for hermetically sealed packages because of its high dielectric rating, attachment properties to metal surfaces, and mechanical stability over a wide range of operating temperatures.  These features provide high electrical insulation, hermetic sealing of glass to metal, and high resistance to cracking as a result of thermal stress.


Ampoules and Vials

Safely hold liquids with single-use glass ampoule (ampule or ampulla) vials. Glass ampoules are economical, disposable, and can be used for dispensing a variety of precious liquid products. Glass ampoules also provide a tamper-resistant package that is easily sterilized -ensuring your liquid is safe from contamination.

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ampoules vials

Fiber Optic Components

Accu-Glass manufactures fiber optic ferrules, collimators, and various types of spacers for fiber optic component manufacturers. Our fiber optic components are high-precision parts that ensure the fiber is optimally aligned. Accu-Glass fiber optic ferrules are drawn to very high precision with inside diameter tolerances held to +/- 1 micron. Our ferrules are produced from low- and mid-range expansion boro silicate glass, which reduces post-assembly failures and also transmits UV light.

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fiber optic components

Glass Capillary Tubes

Accu-Glass manufactures capillary glass tubing from molten glass that is drawn into long lengths. The glass capillary tubes are then cut to a specific length and the ends are flame polished. Many times the tubes are marked with a color-coded fill line to designate volume calibration for applications like disposable glass micropipettes. Glass capillary tubes are great for liquid measurement, liquid transfer, and sample collection applications.

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glass capillary tubes

Glass Sleeves and Beads

Glass sleeves are used when discrete electronic components must be protected, isolated from the environment, or sealed. Additionally, Accu-Glass produces custom glass beads used to produce glass-to-metal feed throughs and hermetically sealed connectors within the electronics industry. The Accu-Glass precision glass forming processes provide the flexibility to produce low-volume prototypes or high-volume/low-cost production quantities.

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glass sleeves beads

Micro Bore Tubing

Precision Glass Micro Bore Tubing provides precise and constant flow rate delivery, which make ideal flow restrictors. Custom Micro Bore glass tubing flow restrictors are made to your exacting size, inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) tolerance, concentricity, or roundness specifications. Precision multi-hole or multi-bore capillaries, specialty shapes, or added colors are available. Using Accu-Glass’ automated processing, the finished product can be 100% flow-checked and sorted to ensure compliance with your specifications.

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micro bore tubing

Thermometer Tubing

Accu-Glass thermometer glass tubing is custom designed and made in the USA for industrial applications. Accu-Glass manufactures thermometer glass tubing for industrial, scientific, and novelty thermometers. Thermometer glass tubing is manufactured to custom designed lengths depending on your preferences (lengths range from 14″ to 65″).

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thermometer tubing
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