Full Fill Micropipettes

Accu-Glass Full Fill Micropipettes are a fast, safe, clean, and accurate way to transfer liquids in micro quantities.  They are precision-bore glass micropipettes cut to predetermined lengths, so fill volumes are constant and precise. Using a Full Fill is simple, inexpensive, and disposable. Capillary action draws the fluid into the tube, offering a precise measurement for any fluid application.  These products are also ideal for blood sampling work.

Accu-Glass Full Fill Micropipettes features and benefits:

  • Full Fill Micropipettes cut to predetermined lengths for consistent and precise performance in packs of 100 or 1,000
  • Produced with Soda Lime Glass that meets USP Type III specifications.
  • For blood sampling and transfer work, anticoagulant treated products are also available
  • Clean and Disposable
  • Accurate (±1%)
  • Dependable
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast

NumberItem DescriptionCapacityU of MPieces Per UoM
AGFF00010-100FullFill 0.1 ul0.1 ulVial100
AGFF00020-100FullFill 0.2 ul0.2 ulVial100
AGFF00025-100FullFill 0.25 ul0.25 ulVial100
AGFF00050-100FullFill 0.5 ul0.5 ulVial100
AGFF00100-100FullFill 1 ul1 ulVial100
AGFF00200-100FullFill 2 ul2 ulVial100
AGFF00300-100FullFill 3 ul3 ulVial100
AGFF00330-100FullFill 3.33 ul3.33 ulVial100
AGFF00400-100FullFill 4 ul4 ulVial100
AGFF00500-100FullFill 5 ul5 ulVial100
AGFF00600-100FullFill 6 ul6 ulVial100
AGFF00666-100FullFill 6.66 ul6.66 ulVial100
AGFF00700-100FullFill 7 ul7 ulVial100
AGFF00800-100FullFill 8 ul8 ulVial100
AGFF00900-100FullFill 9 ul9 ulVial100
AGFF01000-100FullFill 10 ul10 ulVial100
AGFF01500-100FullFill 15 ul15 ulVial100
AGFF02000-100FullFill 20 ul20 ulVial100
AGFF02500-100FullFill 25 ul25 ulVial100
AGFF03000-100FullFill 30 ul30 ulVial100
AGFF03500-100FullFill 35 ul35 ulVial100
AGFF04000-100FullFill 40 ul40 ulVial100
AGFF04470-100FullFill 44.7 ul44.7 ulVial100
AGFF05000-100FullFill 50 ul50 ulVial100
AGFF07500-100FullFill 75 ul75 ulVial100
AGFF10000-100FullFill 100 ul100 ulVial100
AGFF20000-100FullFill 200 ul200 ulVial100
AGFF00010-1000FullFill 0.1 ul0.1 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00020-1000FullFill 0.2 ul0.2 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00025-1000FullFill 0.25 ul0.25 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00050-1000FullFill 0.5 ul0.5 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00100-1000FullFill 1 ul1 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00200-1000FullFill 2 ul2 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00300-1000FullFill 3 ul3 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00330-1000FullFill 3.33 ul3.33 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00400-1000FullFill 4 ul4 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00500-1000FullFill 5 ul5 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00600-1000FullFill 6 ul6 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00666-1000FullFill 6.66 ul6.66 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00700-1000FullFill 7 ul7 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00800-1000FullFill 8 ul8 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF00900-1000FullFill 9 ul9 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF01000-1000FullFill 10 ul10 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF01500-1000FullFill 15 ul15 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF02000-1000FullFill 20 ul20 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF02500-1000FullFill 25 ul25 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF03000-1000FullFill 30 ul30 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF03500-1000FullFill 35 ul35 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF04000-1000FullFill 40 ul40 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF04470-1000FullFill 44.7 ul44.7 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF05000-1000FullFill 50 ul50 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF07500-1000FullFill 75 ul75 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF10000-1000FullFill 100 ul100 ul10 Vials1000
AGFF20000-1000FullFill 200 ul200 ul10 Vials1000