Flow Control

Accu-Glass is the industry leader in glass flow control products used in leading pharmaceutical delivery pump systems and air control of blood pressure monitors.  These applications include chronic care pharmaceutical delivery in oncology, diabetes and mobile drug delivery systems.  Our glass restrictors allow the critical removal of air from blood pressure monitors.

Glass economically outperforms all other materials for medical and pharmaceutical applications. 

Our glass products offer high precision, long-term stability, are chemical inert and able to withstand a wide range of sterilization methods.  Because of our unique, precision manufacturing process, we fabricate and test to meet your specified flow rate.  Should you want a range of flow rates for different applications, we can meet that need with a constant outer diameter and fixed length thus eliminating the need for multiple housings.

Download our flow control brochure or flush device brochure for additional information.

Our micro bore products can meet your toughest application needs:

  • Unmatched reliability for stable pharmaceutical flow control
  • Designed to meet your specific flow rate
  • Economically able to 100% flow test to ensure performance
  • Long-term stability with the ability to withstand aggressive sterilization methods
  • Reliable domestic manufacturing with short lead times

Applications include:

  • Infusion Pump Flow Restrictors for pharmaceutical delivery
  • Compression pump flow restrictors for neuro surgery
  • Disposable Blood Pressure Transducers (DPT) Restrictors
  • Spray nozzles
  • Precision Fluid Delivery Flow Restrictors
  • Fast Saline Flush Devices
  • Gas metering
  • Biomedical Equipment