Fiber Optics

fiber optics

Cut to length precision glass fiber optic components are used in a number of fiber optical applications. Accu-Glass manufactures fiber optic ferrules, collimators and various types of spacers for fiber optic component manufacturers.

Fiber Optic Ferrules

Accu-Glass Fiber Optic Ferrules are high precision components for optimal alignment.  Our ferrules reduced scattered light and signal loss using precision drawn borosilicate glass tubing using a proprietary process

Precision Glass Rods

Glass rods from Accu-Glass are used in specialty fiber optic connector applications to align mating fibers. In this glass connector application the precision OD (outside diameter) of Accu-Glass rods are designed into the device as an alignment fixture. Again, precision is important here in that the fibers must be accurately aligned.

Our glass fibers may also be used in 3D printing of glass components.

Fiber Optic Glass Collimator Sleeves

Our fiber optic collimator sleeves are high precision glass tubes to align other internal optical components. In some applications the fiber has a glass ferrule attached to its end and the ferrule is inserted into the collimator sleeve. A very small lens is sometimes inserted into the end of the fiber optic collimator. Glass Collimator sleeves vary widely in terms of length based on where and how they are to function. These are made of precision glass tubing, cut to your specification.

Glass Spacers & Housings

Accu-Glass employes precision glass tubing as fiber optic alignment devices.  Thermal expansion matches common fiber materials.