Blood and Fluid Sampling

Accu-Glass leads the industry with over 50 years of blood sampling and test kit glass tube manufacturing.   Our glass capillary tubes and micro-pipettes are a well-established presence in point-of-care, diagnostic test kits and laboratory evaluation serving hematology, urinalysis, cardiac markers, rapid testing and laboratory needs.

We are exceptionally prepared to provide our glass sampling tubes in support of COVID-19 test kits.  Our products are naturally inert, clean, clear, strong and disposable.  They meet the stringent needs of clinical test kits:

  • Precise volumetric measurement to collect specific volumes down to 1µL in full-fill or calibrated varieties
  • Coating with heparin or EDTA can be applied 
  • Unique fluorescent marking can be provided to validate the authenticity of a tube or activate an instrument to begin a test
  • Use of USP type 1 & 3 glass for in vitro applications.

Download a copy of our capillary tube application guide.