Micro Bore Tubing

Microbore Tubing

Our custom glass micro bore tubes are designed for use in portable infusion pumps, disposable blood pressure transducers or other critical flow rate applications.    We control the inside diameter (ID) and length to meet your specified flow rate requirement. 

Accu-Glass can 100% flow test the restrictors in automatic test equipment resulting in flow rate accuracy better than ISO-28620.

Glass Micro Bore Tube Features

  • Made to a specified flow rate
  • Inside bore diameters down to 25 microns with a precision of 1 micron
  • Dimensionally stable and uniform over the specified length
  • Inert and Non-reactive to fluids and pharmaceuticals
  • Custom-sized to IV tube sets
  • Suitable for ETO, E-Beam or Gamma Radiation sterilization methods
  • Economically produced to custom sizes
  • Compatible with UV adhesive curing