Micro Bore Tubing

Microbore Tubing

Our custom glass micro bore tubes are designed to meet specific flow rate requirements.  We control the inside diameter (ID), length concentricity to meet that specification. Precision multi-hole or multi-bore capillaries, specialty shapes, or added colors are available. The glass flow restrictors can be polished to remove the sharp edges.  

Accu-Glass can 100% flow test the restrictors in automatic test equipment.

Glass Micro Bore Tube Features

  • Producible with an inside diameter of less than 25 microns and to within 1 micron
  • Dimensionally stable and uniform over the specified length
  • Inert and Non-reactive to fluids and pharmaceuticals
  • Custom-sized to IV tube sets
  • Suitable for ETO / E-Beam / Gamma Radiation sterilization methods
  • Economically produced to custom applications (sizes, geometries, lengths, lumens, bores.)
  • Compatible with UV adhesive curing