Thermometer Glass Tubing

Accu-Glass thermometer glass tubing is custom designed and made in the USA for industrial applications. Accu-Glass manufactures thermometer glass tubing for industrial, scientific, and novelty thermometers. Thermometer glass tubing is manufactured to custom designed lengths depending on your preferences (lengths range from 14″ to 65″).

Thermometer Glass Tube Applications

  • Industrial, Scientific, Novelty (No Clinical Or Red Reading)
  • Alcohol Thermometer Glass Tubes
  • Spirit Thermometer Glass Tube
  • Process Thermometer Glass Tubes

Industrial and Scientific Thermometer Glass Tubes

Industrial and Scientific Thermometers can be round or prismatic shaped glass and with outside diamaters up to 7 mm. The glass thermometer tubing is produced with white backing.

Novelty Thermometer Glass Tubing

Novelty Thermometers are mostly prismatic shaped glass with a white back. These thermometers are primarily used for advertising and promotion.