At Accu-Glass, Your Precision Glass Problems Solved

Posted on December 14, 2017

  Accu-Glass (AG) has filled a unique service void in the precision glass market for over 50 years. In addition to producing glass capillary tubes to your specifications, the proprietary glass forming technology allows us to efficiently produce orders ranging from as little as 5 pounds up to thousands of pounds. Accu-Glass can accommodate most volume requirements with a short lead times. In addition to our specialized glass forming process, we also use an in-house machine shop to fabricate tooling for various tubing ratios and geometric cross sections. In order to meet your specific requirements, we also design and fabricate our own production equipment. Examples include cutting equipment, thermal forming machines, and material handling machines for automated inspection. Prototype and new product design are very common in most industries. However, with many materials and suppliers to choose from, finding the right manufacturer can be intimidating. But when it comes to precision glass , the choice is easy – it’s Accu-Glass! In addition to continuous improvement on current products, Accu-Glass is regularly developing new products and processes. With our value-add initiative, Accu-Glass is capable of developing a product specifically for your needs. Specialty glass products from Accu-Glass include multiple bores, unique geometric shapes for bores, and assembled items such as encapsulations. Our products have been used in the medical, industrial, electrical, and several other fields for products ranging from glass mandrels and connectors to ampoules and collection units. Glass has the strength and durability needed for your project, as well as being chemically inert in most all cases allowing for easier biocompatibility testing and qualification.