Accu-Glass Works with You During Design AND Production

Posted on October 15, 2013

Specialty Capillary TubesAccu-Glass specializes in working with existing customers to provide custom solutions that result in product improvements or enhanced designs. We accomplish this by building strong relationships with our customers to understand how our glass components are integrated into your final products. Our goal is to make sure you are knowledgeable about how our core capabilities can be leveraged to improve your manufacturing and assembly processes or implement a design improvement.

We are currently partnering with an existing customer to provide a precision glass capillary that can be directly assembled into their device. Accu-Glass has an established relationship with this customer and has been providing custom products to this customer for 15 years. They have been performing additional manufacturing operations to the products to accommodate their assembly process. As their business volume has increased, they recognize this is inefficient and leads to additional waste in their manufacturing process. We have worked closely with their team to understand the current problem and identify a solution where AG can provide a capillary that meets the assembly requirements as delivered.

“We are continually impressed by your expertise, knowledge and dedication to building your relationships with your customers and going above and beyond the role as a supplier by assisting us with this process improvement in order to fulfill our increased in product demand from key customers/distributors.”
These changes cannot be implemented immediately and design verification and validation requirements must be met. We effectively manage meeting regular production requirements as well as product requirements for design evaluation and final validation. All of these activities are accomplished within the Accu-Glass Quality Management System guidelines.

Our goal is to provide precision glass capillary solutions that result in a premium product or design while being committed to customers’ success.

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