Ampoules – Crushable Ampoules –

Posted on July 24, 2018

Onion Skin Glass for Ampoules Customer Challenge to Accu-Glass: Ampoule customers developing products normally specify onion skin glass sizes that are currently not offered as standard products by Accu-Glass or the glass industry. Accu-Glass normally will stock a container load of glass once a particular ampoule has been developed and in full production in order to keep costs down for the customer. Most customers do not want to commit to a container load of glass during their product development and want fast turnaround to keep their timelines on track.   Introduction/Background: Customers develop products to suit their needs with respect to the volume the ampoule will hold and the ampoule length to fit into their other product components and packaging. The wall thickness normally is in 0.20mm range but ODs can vary anywhere from 3mm to 9mm depending on the customer’s application.   Sometimes the glass OD size is very unique and not similar to an ampoule product already being produced at Accu-Glass.  Most customers will specify a USP Type III Soda Lime or a USP Type I Borosilicate for their ampoule.  The borosilicate glass is the best choice if the glass is to hold harsh or very acidic chemicals.   Solution: Accu-Glass has developed the means to make small production runs of onion skin glass with OD ranging up to 9mm.  This way the customer can request a smaller quantity of ampoule blanks for their product development/prototyping without the worry of committing to a container of glass that would produce millions of ampoule blanks.   Turnaround time for the small production run and bottoming of the ampoule blank is normally in the 4 to 6 weeks time frame.  Accu-Glass can tailor the glass wall thickness and OD to meet the customer’s specific requirements.  Once the prototyping phase is successful, Accu-Glass has the capacity to move into full production and produce millions of ampoule blanks annually.   Conclusion: As a designer, don’t let your ampoule product be limited to the industry’s standard sizes for ampoule blanks.  Accu-Glass can provide the unique sizes in the initial small quantities for your prototyping and product qualification.