Cut to Length and 100% Flow Test of Microbore

Posted on September 28, 2015

Customer Challenge to Accu-Glass: Due to the variation in sizes of the ID for the flow restrictors, many customers buy their tubing in long lengths and cut each piece to varying lengths to obtain the exact fluid flow for their requirements.

Introduction/Background: Glass Microbore Tubing provides precise and constant flow rate delivery, which make ideal flow restrictors.

Solution: Accu-Glass will develop custom Microbore glass flow restrictors with an inside diameter (ID) determined to meet the customer fluid flow requirements.

Outside diameter (OD), concentricity and/or roundness specifications will meet the exact customer requirements compatible with the microbore’s end use.

Accu-Glass is capable of delivering tight precision (+/-0.001”) for the glass ID using a low cost short run conventional glass drawing process. The ID is measured using the Pressure Decay flow testing method to obtain this precision during the glass drawing process.

Due to the precision of the ID, the length of the customer’s part is set to a fixed dimension. All of the parts are cut to this fixed length.

The parts are then thoroughly cleaned and dried.

After this the parts are sent through our automated flow testing equipment where the final finished product is 100% verified to ensure compliance with the customer’s fluid flow specification.

After the 100% flow-test, the parts are packaged and shipped to the customer.

They can be packaged in bulk with plastic-lined shippers or shrink packaged to prevent the part from movement during shipment.

Conclusion: Accu-Glass Engineers design and develop precision glass microbore solutions for a set flow at a fixed length. This eliminates the need for secondary cutting processes, extra sorting, and additional labor required at your facility.

Our customers have reduced secondary operations and yielded significant cost savings.

How can Accu-Glass help you reduce operations and costs?

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