Glass Encapsulation of Small Metal Rods

Posted on April 22, 2015

Customer Challenge to Accu-Glass:

For small metal rods and other small components, the exact size of glass to enclose them is normally not available from available standard glass sizes.  Plastic materials are not available in tight tolerances to fit components and plastic molds can be very expensive for prototype work.



Small metal rods 0.001” to 0.25” in outer diameter sometimes need protection when placed in certain environments.  Glass encapsulation of the small metal rods provides the necessary protection for the rod or other small devices and can withstand the harsh surroundings. Glass is inert, will not attack or out gas into what is encapsulated and can provide a hermetic seal.



Accu-Glass can tailor the inside dimension of the glass to provide the fit required by our customers.  One end can be sealed to allow the customer to load the metal rod or small component into the glass envelop and seal the opposite end themselves.  Accu-Glass can provide a total glass encapsulation of a customer’s part by producing the glass to their specific requirements, sealing one end of the glass , loading the small article and sealing the opposite end. The end sealing can be achieved through flame sealing, laser sealing, a sealant or a stopper.  One customer commented that Accu-Glass was able to provide the prototype samples  very quickly of an encapsulated sinter metal rod that they needed for their R&D work.



Accu-Glass can provide tight precision (+/-0.0001”) for the glass inside dimension with a low cost short run conventional drawing process or an even tighter precision using a glass redraw process.  The specialty glass will fit the unique design of a customer’s small component and provide a hermetically sealed encapsulation to protect it from harsh environments.  As a designer or purchaser of small glass components, Accu-Glass can meet your needs and work with you from prototyping through full high volume production phases of product development.