Glass versus Plastic

Posted on July 27, 2018

Glass versus Plastic
Accu-Glass manufactures and provides custom glass parts which offer a non-permeable, chemically inert, and tight tolerance component.  Could glass be a more desirable option for your current plastic application?
Is your fluid collection or storing method causing unwanted alterations in the properties of the fluid itself?  Choosing glass over plastic may be a way to avoid such undesirable chemical reactions.  A wide range of custom shapes, containers, and collection devices are available in glass – which offers a non-leachable interface between liquid (fluids, drugs, chemicals, etc.) and container (syringe, capillary tube, ampoule, etc.).
Chemically Inert:
Disposable devices are common place in medical and electrical industries.  Glass devices offer the advantages over many plastics of being chemically inert, non-leaching, as well as stability at a wide range of temperatures.  Leachables from plastics have the potential to chemically alter the substance with which it interfaces, leading to undesirable results.
Tight Tolerance:
Could your application benefit from the tight tolerance capabilities of glass?  Accu-Glass offers a manufacturing process capable of holding tolerances as low as ± 1 micrometer.  This lends itself to processes and applications requiring highly controlled volumes, flow rates, and physical barriers.  Large quantities of glass parts may be produced with a known size tolerance at a time and cost effective rate.
Glass is a stable, highly chemically inert, practical material for many uses in industry today.  Many advances in manufacturing technology have brought forth new products made from glass which may have significant advantages over conventional plastics.
We have even made glass that you can tie around a pencil  – Glass is flexible! 
Could your application benefit from switching to glass?

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