Precision Glass Tubes

Posted on July 23, 2018

Glass Tube Manufacturing and Operations at Accu-Glass, LLC

Trained Associate

At Accu-Glass (AG), we recognize that the quality of our precision glass tubes is directly impacted by the expertise of the personnel involved in the production process. So, we are committed to ensuring that every manufacturing associate is trained and certified on their job. To make sure that you are getting the best from us, we thoroughly monitor the quality of our glass tubes and work hard to constantly upgrade the skill sets of our associates.

Every associate is cross trained on multiple jobs throughout the manufacturing operation to maximize flexibility and minimize potential glitches. This flexibility is very important in winning your trust and satisfaction, and maintaining our organizational performance at a very high level.

A cross-trained workforce allows our manufacturing and operations teams to adapt to changing customer demands by quickly stopping and starting up processes with little interruption and minimal downtime. Most importantly, it allows us to serve you better through shorter lead times while maintaining high product quality.  We consistently maintain over 98% on-time shipping performance as measured by the customers’ requested ship date.

Every certification is well documented and maintained by our manufacturing team leaders.  Every department has certified trainers who train and certify associates on their new assignments. The certifications are also maintained as a part of the AG Quality Management System.

AG strives for the highest quality levels in all aspects of organization performance. We greatly value our Training and Certification Process and are proud to admit that it helps us serve you better.

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