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At Accu-Glass, we specialize in manufacturing highly precise, small diameter, thin-walled precision glass tubing products. Some of the most common applications for our products are listed below:

Micro-bore Flow Restrictors
Glass flow restrictors are utilized in many applications where an exact flow rate is needed.

Capillary Tubing
Accu-Glass manufactures small diameter thin-walled precision glass tubing which, by design, exhibits capillary action.

Electronic Packages and Envelopes
Glass tubes are used in numerous electronic applications where discrete electronic components must be protected and isolated from the environment.

Fiber Optic Components
Cut to length precision glass borosilicate tubing and rods are used in fiber optical applications as connector ferrules and collimators.

Ampoules and Vials
Accu-Glass manufactures glass ampoules which are used for packaging and dispensing a wide variety of liquid products.

Thermometer Tubing
Accu-Glass manufactures thermometer glass for industrial, scientific, and novelty thermometers. We manufacture the tubing in various lengths depending on customer preferences, (lengths range from 14″ to 65″).

Sealing Glass Beads
The proprietary Accu-Glass tubing and rod forming processes are capable of melting various glass compositions suitable for sealing glass to metals that include Kovar, stainless steel, tungsten and titanium.

Use the Accu-Glass expertise in your design and development phase to solve your design problems and get your products to market fast. All Accu-Glass product s are made in the USA, in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Saint Louis, Missouri .

Strict ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System processes are in place to meet tight deadlines; provide important device verification, validation, and quality controls; and to ensure your device is capable of meeting your customer’s requirements.

Precision Glass Tubing Products