Glass Ampoules

Accu-Glass Ampoule Vials

Single-use glass ampoule (ampule or ampulla) packages are disposable vials used for dispensing a variety of precious liquid products. Crushable glass ampoule blanks provide a tamper resistant package that is disposable, safe, and economical. Glass ampoules can be easily sterilized. The inert properties of glass ensure your liquid is safe from contamination. Glass Ampoules are made from 6 to 7 mm outside diameter glass tubing with one end closed by flame sealing, and the finished ampoule can be of any length (typical lengths range from 50 to 75 mm). You can fill the ampoule blank with the material you need to be dispensed and then either heat seal or close the other open end. Filled Tamper Resistant Glass Ampoules can be inserted in a thin card board sleeve for protection. Glass Ampoules (ampoule vial) may also be referred to as a glass ampule, glass ampul, or glass ampulla. Spelling varies but the basic application is the same, to hold your liquid safely.

Glass Ampoule Features

  • Crushable Glass Ampoule Blanks
  • Custom Designed Glass Ampoule Packages
  • Single-Use, Disposable Glass Ampoule Packages
  • Safe, Tamper Resistant Glass Ampoules
  • Chemically and physically unaffected by sterilization
  • Inert and non-reactive with most drugs, fluids, or gases

Glass Ampoule Applications

  • Protection from Environmental exposure
  • Mixing of two disparate materials
  • Extending product shelf life
  • Test kits, inhalants, or deodorizers
  • Mixing reagents, fixatives, or solvents
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, or health