What Are Glass Micro Bore Flow Restrictors?

Glass Micro Bore Tubing

Accu-Glass Micro Bore Tubing

Precision Glass Micro Bore Tubing provides precise and constant flow rate delivery, which make ideal flow restrictors. Custom Micro Bore glass tubing flow restrictors are made to your exacting size, inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) tolerance, concentricity or roundness specifications. Precision multi-hole or multi-bore capillaries, specialty shapes, or added colors are available. After cutting, the glass flow restrictors can be tumbled with ceramic media to remove the sharp edges. This is preferred when the Micro Bore glass flow restrictor is inserted into a plastic housing as a sharp glass edge can skive the plastic. Accu-Glass can also 100% flow test the restrictors in automatic test equipment. Finally, the parts are thoroughly cleaned and dried. They can be packaged in bulk with plastic-lined shippers or shrink packaged to prevent the part from movement during shipment. Using Accu-Glass’ automated processing, the finished product can be 100% flow-checked and sorted to ensure compliance with your specifications.

Glass Micro Bore Tube Features

  • Producible with an inside diameter as small as 25 microns ± 1 micron
  • Dimensionally stable and uniform over a specific length
  • Inert and Non-reactive to drugs
  • Custom-sized to IV tube sets
  • Suitable for ETO / E-Beam / Gamma Radiation sterilization methods
  • Economically produced to custom applications (sizes, geometries, lengths, lumens, bores.)
  • Compatible with UV adhesive curing

Precision Glass Flow Restrictor Applications

  • Infusion Pump Flow Restrictors
  • Disposable Blood Pressure Transducers (DPT) Restrictors
  • Precision Fluid Delivery Flow Restrictors
  • Fast Saline Flush Devices
  • Gas metering
  • Biomedical Equipment