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Glass Capillary Tube Manufacturing

Glass Capillary Tubes

For over 50 years, Accu-Glass has solved complex glass tubing engineering problems for a wide range of products. Our manufacturing process provides fast development of glass prototypes.

Strict ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System processes are in place to meet tight deadlines; provide important device verification, validation, and quality controls; and to ensure your device is capable of meeting your requirements.

Molten glass allows for unlimited design possibilities. Diamond saw and score-snap cutting technologies are used to achieve desired tolerance of ±0.003” & ±0.009”, respectively.

Use the Accu-Glass expertise in your design and development phase to solve your design problems and get your products to market fast. All Accu-Glass products are made in the USA, in our state-of-the-art facility in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Medical and Custom Applications

Glass Tubes for Medical Devices

Because it is clean and inexpensive, glass is perfect for disposable medical devices and clinical lab,  or custom applications.

Unique to Accu-Glass is the capability of producing multiple geometric shapes (round, square, rectangular, oval etc.) on the inside or outside. Single and multiple bore configurations are also available.

  • Glass can be shaped, cut, drilled and marked – meets specific needs.
  • Glass is easily polished – safe for direct human contact.
  • Glass can be easily sterilized – meets range of manufacturing needs.
  • Glass is Inert – won’t react with most drugs, bodily fluids, or gases.

Glass micro bore tubing can be custom formed to meet your exact specifications. Accu-Glass can translate your concepts into precision glass tubing solutions.

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Accu-Glass Products

Glass Tube Custom Applications

Buy Glass Micropipettes: capillaries cut to length for consistent fill volumes.

Accu-glass works with you to solve complex glass tubing problems for a range of glass tubing applications:

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